10 Second Machine

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    • Water ozonator

      Bacteria outbreaks, food safety issues and excessive pesticide use plague food that would otherwise be fit to eat. Typical rinsing with your home faucets tap water wont kill bacteria either.

      With the Cashido 10 Second Machine ozone system on your faucet, a 10 second rinse will kill bacteria, remove pesticides, remove odors and keep food fresh. Ensure the safety of your home, restaurant, hotel and business.

      10 Second Machine Ozone Faucet System Benefits

      • Remove Pesticides: Ozone can destroy the chemical breakdown of pesticides to remove pesticides from the fruits and vegetables you eat.
      • Kill Bacteria: Ozone successfully kills bacteria on food and surfaces. Disinfect and sanitize your food, home, restaurant and business.10 Second Machine - . Ozone Generator water sterilizer
      • Remove Odors: Ozone breaks down and destroys odors.

      Cashidos 10 Second Machine installs on your faucet in minutes. Simply replace your faucet aerator with Cashidos mixer, connect the silica tube from the mixer to the 10 Second Machine, then hang the machine on the wall. Connect the power, and you are ready to clean!


      • Prevent mold and foul odor buildup in sink drains.
      • Repel roaches-mop the floor and wipe tables with ozonied water.
      • Fight mildew in the bathroom.
      • Personal hygiene-washing face, brushing teeth, washing clothes.
      • Wash kitchen rags to stop bacteria growth and remove odors.
      • Bathing pets.


      • Kill Bacteria:
      • Bodycote Certified.
        Wash your meats, hands, dishes, baby bottles and toys with ozonized water. Mop the floor and wash clothing with ozone to kill bacteria. Bring your family a healthy life style.
      • Remove Pesticides:
      • SGS Certified.
        Faucet tap water alone will not remove pesticides. Simply rinse your food in ozonized water to remove pesticides from the surface of fruits and vegetables. Cleans hard to wash fruits such as strawberries and grapes.
      • Remove Odors:
      • Ozone can be used to clean your pets and remove odors and bugs on your pets. Brush teeth, wash face and shower with ozonized water. Installs easily on your shower.
      • Keep Food Fresh:
      • Extends the life of fruits, vegetables, meat and flowers by 2-3 times.

      The 10 Second Machines easy on design will inject a steady stream of ozone into your tap water the second you turn on your faucet. Simply turn off your faucet to turn off the ozone stream.


      • No filters to replace.
      • Concealable in a cabinet to keep your kitchen clutter-free.
      • Small and easy to carry.
      • Meets international power specifications (100V~250V).
      • Always on design provides instant ozone whenever needed.
      • Low power usage (4.5 max)
      • Water and electricity are kept separate.
      • Patented to ensure steady flow of ozone and smooth ozone-water mixture.

      10 Second Machine Specification


      • Kitchen and Bathroom


      10 Second Machine Styles
      • Keep food fresh 2-3 times longer.
      • Remove the odors.
      • Kill the bacteria of vegetables, fish, and meat.
      • With Faucet: Various faucet styles
      • External: Easy installation on your original faucet

      Optional Accessories

      Traditional Adapter
      Traditional Adapter: When installing the mixer on a traditional faucet without threads. Metallic and rubber (in black and white) versions available.
      Diverter: When using the 10 Second Machine ozone sanitizer in conjunction with a water filtra

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